About Us

As a longtime Rotarian and Atlanta businessman, I was moved to service after seeing images, media coverage and hearing stories of the needs of the Ukrainian people. Through my connections, I was able to help elevate an effort that had begun with local Rotary clubs to send surgical and medical supplies, food and other goods. In June, I traveled to Ukraine and hand-delivered much needed supplies and also deepened my connections with Rotary Clubs throughout the country. Upon my return in July, I was moved to do more and launched Helping Ukraine US.

You can read my initial thoughts in this Atlanta Journal-Constitution op-ed, but I was truly unable to imagine the enormity of the need until I found myself walking through the wreckage of centuries-old communities, now leveled to rubble. The pain on the faces of the dispossessed, the desperate cries of children calling out for the return of a parent who will never find their way home - those are the memories I will never escape. And perhaps I shouldn't.

In a world captivated by sixty-second TikToks and Breaking News banners, we all too often distract ourselves with the noise of the day rather than the cause of the century...



Now we need you

A registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt fund has been established to aid in this effort. Donations are tax deductible.

We need to accelerate our contributions and appreciate your interest in being a part of our community.

Please donate here by credit card or mail checks to Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia (CFNG) - Helping Ukraine.
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